I'm Still Here


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For a long time, I have felt bounded or limited in my creativity because of people's expectations. I was often times put in a small box and generalized by assumptions. People thought they had me figured out and as a result, didn't expect much or anything different from me.

Whether it was releasing a specific type of music or promoting a specific brand, many people jumped to conclusions, convinced that there wasn't much substance to my creativity and it was discouraging. It led to less music, less writing, and for a long time, I kept my distance.

But you can learn a lot about yourself in a few years. I've gone through more in these past two years than I have in the five before it. And so with a growing maturity and an exposure to different realities in life, I revisited it all, and fortunately, the timing was right.

This song is about withstanding opinions, the test of time, low expectations, assumptions, and continuously getting back up. It was written with boxing in mind. Lyrically, there are a lot of different boxing references and concepts. I always thought that, although a boxer may do the same dance for a few rounds, one mustn't ever feel they have him figured out, because he may unleash a flurry of attacks and surprise you. You never know what he has up his sleeve...or glove. I also felt as an artist, that I am constantly defending myself and I often times feel like I'm in the ring having to endure the public's attacks and opinions. This is a statement saying, "After everything, I'm still here."

But the outro depicts a different nature from the rest of the song. The song prior to the outro expresses masculinity and bravado, however, it changes to a self-reflective and more somber tone. The outro conveys my fear of "still being here" after a few years. The fear of having nothing to show for my work, the fear of having not progressed, the fear of standing in the same spot. Interestingly enough, "I'm still here" is sung both in the main chorus of the song and the outro but both have very different tones, one is of pride and determination but the other is almost of hopelessness. I wasn't afraid of showcasing my emotions in this single.

With all that being said, I hope you enjoy it. This is my first song as Nieman, the artist, and I am extremely nervous and excited. Stay tuned for more music to come.

I'm still here.



verse 1//
You think that you’ve got me figured out
But I’ve only just begun
Been down
A few rounds
Now the waiting’s finally done
I know
That you think
You've seen everything there is to see of me

But Ive got you where I want you
Size me up like a weigh in
Met with doubt on my way in
I Gotchu
Feeling a type of way
I am not a stranger to what they've gotta say

They always said the boy would never last
But I’m still here
They always wondered if we'd Everlast
But I’m still here
Black, blue, and bruised
Everything to prove
Got my world to gain and my world to lose
They always wondered if we stood a chance
But, I’m still here

verse 2//
Please dont ever count me down and out
Cause you'll never see the day
Can't tap out
I've mapped out
How all of this is going to pan out
Oh yeah
You see?
There’s more to me than what you may believe, believe


Knuckles bare
My heart too
Don't know where
I lost you
Don’t know where you've been
Don’t know how you've been
She thought that this whole time
I wanted to be him
Oh no no
Oh no no
My greatest fear
Is that I’ll still be hear
With nothing to show
Except my blood and my tears
Oh, I pray to God that wont be me
But I guess that we will see
We’ll see
We’ll see
In a few years,
Will I still be here?
We’ll see
We’ll see

I'm still here
I'm still here.


released December 8, 2014
production // Nick Pacoli
engineer&recording // Gary Seinfeld
writing&vocals // Nieman
photography // Andre Mampourian
film // Clay Boonthanakit
make-up // Aprille Ricafranca



all rights reserved


NIEMAN Los Angeles, California

Throwback sounds for the modern age.

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