Love Like Wine


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This is the first single off my follow up EP, Only Me. It is quite the departure from LANES. From melodies to lyrics, there is an air of comfortableness and confidence in our sound. We felt like it was time to start pushing the envelope, so this is the first offering of that newfound bravado.

Inspired by the flow of Bryson Tiller, this song comes off as more of a rant, expression without boundaries. As opposed to my other songs, this song doesn't bind itself to the structure and form of verse, pre-chorus, and chorus.

The song explores this idea of the relationship hitting those inevitable rough patches and trials, but ultimately understanding that that is all just a part of it. It won't always be happy and positive. People who've been in long term relationships can validate that. I argue that the love and relationship I share with my significant other is like wine, in that it gets better with time. It's just about sticking together through the hardest parts.


I remember thinking way back then we'd be right here
I think the storms past and we finally in the clear
I guess I just needed a little reminding
Need you to confide in
I told you i never was too good with timing
But that's how it goes
Every couple with mileage should know
That thats just the routine
Whatever we're going through isn't a new thing
But This is a sure thing
Loving you like I did when i was 14
Back in the days
When I was stuck in my ways
Your boy Grew out of the phase
Of being In love with the chase
Girl I'm amazed
Girl I'm alive
You are forever I swear on my life
There isn't a single doubt in mind
That this all gets better with time
Baby we Got love like wine
Baby we Got love like wine
Baby we Got love like wine

Tell me can you run passed
What happened in the past
I swear that this will last
I swear that time will tell
It's you girl, nobody else
I know you need
Your mind at ease
But I need help myself

Whatever you want
I gotchu
Do whatever you want
I won't stop you
Don't worry about we're fine
This gets better with time
Cuz baby we got love like
Baby we got love like wine.


released December 14, 2015
production// Nick Pacoli
recording// Gary Seinfeld



all rights reserved


NIEMAN Los Angeles, California

Throwback sounds for the modern age.

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